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Under Pressure

One of the hardest things about being a sustainable artist is that people often expect too much of me.  I am a web designer, marketing and advertising manager, graphic designer, booking agent, PR manager, songwriter, musician, and I am expected to be a sound engineer, producer, and videographer too. I practice my own arrangements of cover songs, write my own music, design my own business cards and banners and album covers. I spend hours practicing my instruments and exercising my vocal chords. But it's never enough.

I need quality YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a killer website, a constant flow of fresh material to share, and more in order to succeed! The pressure is too much.

Technology may have made things easier, but where we fail is in thinking that we have to do it all by ourselves. One of my favorite growing trends right now is the online business. Why? Because it not only opens doors for me to succeed as a sustainable artist, but because it is encouraging oth…

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