What are we investing in?

There are so many options and resources out there to help us succeed, especially with the online business trend. As an artist, these are exciting times. However, asking how much to invest in your art can be overwhelming. Which resource should I invest in?

Stop for a second. 

The first question you should be answering is, "what are you investing in?"

Like all business endeavors, artists need a business plan in order to succeed. What are you most passionate about? What do you love most about art? What encourages you? What discourages you? What are you going to do if your idea fails? What other avenues can you think of? What do you have to do to make your goals become reality?

We have to have specific goals and a plan before we can move forward, to ensure a return on our investment. Especially because we are investing in ourselves. 

Poor investment in sustainable artistry happens because we don't know what we are investing in.

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Did you know that MOST pop music is written by one of two songwriters?

I shared this video on Facebook, but I had to share it here too:

I knew a lot of the facts addressed in this video, except that two songwriters write most of our pop music today. This blew my mind! Of all the songwriters out there, record companies are relying on two?! This is just fuel to my fire.

The internet has provided ways for us to be sustainable artists and to reinvent creativity for new generations, so let's get started!! Join me on this journey to change artistry forever. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @kellyannmusic to learn more!

We need to lead our industry back to creativity!

Under Pressure

One of the hardest things about being a sustainable artist is that people often expect too much of me.  I am a web designer, marketing and advertising manager, graphic designer, booking agent, PR manager, songwriter, musician, and I am expected to be a sound engineer, producer, and videographer too. I practice my own arrangements of cover songs, write my own music, design my own business cards and banners and album covers. I spend hours practicing my instruments and exercising my vocal chords. But it's never enough.

I need quality YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a killer website, a constant flow of fresh material to share, and more in order to succeed! The pressure is too much.

Technology may have made things easier, but where we fail is in thinking that we have to do it all by ourselves. One of my favorite growing trends right now is the online business. Why? Because it not only opens doors for me to succeed as a sustainable artist, but because it is encouraging oth…

Stop it

Do you feel stuck? Like you're wasting your life at your "day job"? Feel like you are suffocating your creativity and it is suffocating you? Feel like America's Got Talent or American Idol is your only chance to do what you love?

No really, stop it. The only limit you have is yourself.

These standards in our industry are not all true. Popular music has been mastered by puppeteers too long.

I'm here to tell you there is a world of options out there for you. I'm here to call you out because you have something unique to offer through your art. I'm here, especially, to tell you that the world needs what you have to offer. However, it may take some time to find your niche. It will take hard work to succeed and it will probably lead you to some failures before you find that perfect idea to realize. You will get discouraged. Just remember, we all have a purpose to serve in artistry and they are all equally beautiful. Fame is not the only way and TV is not the on…

You won't believe what I discovered about artistry

The problem is me/us/artists.  With so many talented singer/songwriters out there, I thought the market too saturated for me to succeed. All I could think was, "I don't have enough support," I can't afford it," and "I'm not good enough." I'd try one thing and if it didn't show results I was right back where I started: discouraged.   My fellow artists, change starts with us.  It's not about how many fans we have or how much money it makes us. It's about what we have to offer. Art is meant to move, be relatable, to express what others cannot express. Art connects people that way. Our industry should be based on this, but we have handed it over on a silver platter in an effort to "make it big." 
The only way to change things is for us to change it. We are the leaders in our industryThere is not one way to succeed that we should be giving up so easily. We are creative people who could come up with thousands of ways to make a…

Why being an artist is not enough

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no instant, magical formula for being a sustainable artist. I can't write one blog post with all the answers so you can quit your day job tomorrow. This is like a dance that you have to choreograph and practice until each movement is perfect. It takes time, hard work and a team. So, first of all, thank you for being a part of this team and reading. There is a lot to learn.
Artistry in our society has fallen by the wayside. I constantly hear people tell me that I need to go on American Idol or The Voice or whatever their favorite is. They mean it as a compliment, but it betrays something I see wrong with our society and the arts.
Being a good artist isn’t good enough.
You have to be a famous artist or your art doesn’t matter. You have to be on TV, or have a YouTube channel with millions of hits, or win some big award for your painting or photograph. It isn’t enough to develop your skill as an artist and share it wherever you can.  You have to b…

changing the status quo

My husband and I are both very passionate about sustainable, simple living. We are building a tiny house and working toward a debt free, minimalistic life. We don’t want to be bogged down by things, and have empty rooms and unused bathrooms to keep clean and heat in the winter. However, my passion for sustainability also extends to my business.
I am a singer, songwriter and musician running my own business as an artist in a society that both celebrates and condemns my profession. American Idol, The Voice, YouTube, etc., provide a way to possibly be “rich and famous,” but there is little out there promoting professional artistry that is sustainable. Photographers, painters, dancers, musicians, singers and other artists have spent time and lots of money on equipment and training only to be called “starving artists” and asked what your “day job” is. It’s disrespectful to our profession, and the work we have poured into our skills.
Well, no more! It is time for change. Sustainable artistry …