You won't believe what I discovered about artistry

July 24, 2017

The problem is me/us/artists. 

With so many talented singer/songwriters out there, I thought the market too saturated for me to succeed. All I could think was, "I don't have enough support," I can't afford it," and "I'm not good enough." I'd try one thing and if it didn't show results I was right back where I started: discouraged.  

My fellow artists, change starts with us. 

It's not about how many fans we have or how much money it makes us. It's about what we have to offer. Art is meant to move, be relatable, to express what others cannot express. Art connects people that way. Our industry should be based on this, but we have handed it over on a silver platter in an effort to "make it big." 

The only way to change things is for us to change it. We are the leaders in our industryThere is not one way to succeed that we should be giving up so easily. We are creative people who could come up with thousands of ways to make a living with our art. If we want those ways to succeed, we have to start valuing them. 

It's time we discover who we are and embrace it together. 

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