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Business Planning for Artists Pt.1

February 01, 2018

What is my product?

In order to write a business plan for any business, you have to know what your product is. The trouble for artists is that our products vary, sometimes from day to day. So we often turn to planning around our image because it changes less frequently (usually). You might meticulously choose repetitious clothing, colors and accessories to become visually consistent. However, this is only important if your goal is to become an icon and future Halloween costume.

Your product is not your image, it is your art. Your photographs, your lyrics, your music, your paintings, your drawings...your art

So, sit down and write down all the finished pieces of art that you have. Sprawl them out in front of you and observe them. If, like me, you are a singer/songwriter then make some scratch tracks and listen to your finished works. What lyrics stand out to you? Catch phrases in your songwriting? Make notes on everything you observe.

That is what you are selling and it is worth buying. 

Now you can start planning how to sell it.

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